Wild Horse Slaughter Rant

Where are the environmental voices of influence.  Where is Hollywood?  Where are all the loud-mouth, bigger than life – opinionated – *forces for good* that are so quiet the silence is deafening.

I cannot separate the US government from the tragedy that is unfolding RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES.  The US government is taking taxpayer dollars and waging a war on the wild horses and burros of this country .. and 80% of the population is OPPOSED.   The media is JUST STARTING TO WAKE UP.  Ken Salazar started the assault — and it has escalated under the new “czar”.   I just got an email this morning about the President’s trip abroad.

“In a visit to Tanzania, the President launched a poaching crackdown, dedicating the United States to fighting back against poachers and criminal wildlife traffickers.” 

Mr. President – with all due respect – the wild horse slaughter is happening in your own backyard.  This is happening under the direction of someone YOU appointed — and with one word you could stop this.

Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Duncan Hunter, Jr. —- how can you permit this?  80% of the people YOU SERVE are opposed to this and somehow, this massacre keeps going.  Helicopters, sharpshooters —-  what the hell is going on here?

The USDA has decided to start killing horses for meat.  Am I living in the United States?  Over 90% of the population opposes that.  DOES ANYONE SEE A PATTERN HERE?

This administration – ALL OF IT – delights in doing JUST THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.  Mr. Obama … you scare me more than George Bush did.  You are indifferent, distant, removed and selectively ignorant.



These two words changed the destiny of 4 Americans on the Anniversary of September 11, 2001.

Speaking from experience, in any company that has international offices and presence around the world, that may or may not have DOD connections –  through the course of normal business – received daily reports about travel around the world.  Daily updates on regional alerts that impact travel safety for AMERICANS.

Right now… out there… are companies who have an inbox of these alerts. Right now, I’ll bet major corporations like Cisco, General Dynamics, AT&T, IBM, Kyocera, who get these updates from US GOVT advising them where to avoid, where social unrest is being measured, precautions that should be taken, restrictions and advisories.  I want to see those alerts from the weeks preceding 9/11.  Know why THE US GOVT does this?  Because they don’t want Americans AT RISK or providing “targets of opportunity” for kidnapping, etc.  How do I know this?  Because I used to get them for my company and it was my responsibility to communicate them across the appropriate channels of the organization – worldwide.

After PA Flight 103 – Lockerbie –  our company completely revised its policy and practices.  No more than two executives were allowed to be on any one flight.  Routes, times, dress were all revised for safety. That is when air travel stopped being “fun”.  That’s when international started to get dangerous.  In fact, in certain locations, travel was suspended or rerouted.  These advisories that our government provides businesses were taken seriously.  It was our government’s responsibility to ensure its citizen’s safety – especially businesses.

Now I am being asked to accept that no directives instructing extraordinary measures of precaution should be taken for every US Embassy and significant “interests” around the world on the weeks and days leading up to 9/11 .  Professionally speaking — this is beyond astounding – it is dereliction of duty.

It is my opinion, that this administration permitted its ideology to become the fate of 4 Americans without their permission.

Would Chris Stevens have signed a contract that had a clause that read:

And in the event of an attack, seizure, threat, bombing and/or breech … you and your staffers cannot expect any reasonable rescue efforts on the part of the United States Government.  Your signature authorizes us to abandon you and any others who become collateral damage because we don’t want the American people to know that Libya is a dismal failure.  As part of your package, we enclose the death benefits your survivors will receive should the above occur.   



I have been working for 39 years, 24 years in corporate, 4 years in academia and 11 years as an entrepreneur. 

When I look back on all the rhetoric this administration has crafted over the years (and I say this as a professional marketer who understands strategies and end goals) that Corporate America is the big bad wolf I become incensed. Corporate America has greater accountability than the United States Government on almost all levels.

During those years I don’t ever remember ANYONE having the option of invoking the 5th when they were brought on the carpet.  I was fortunate, I got to observe C-Levels in their native habitat.  They got fired, especially if they didn’t have champions in rank.

My understanding is we can’t fire people in the government.  I’m not talking about the elected or appointed ones.  I’m talking about a gluttonous government that is consuming everything to keep itself alive – in its present condition.  Let’s carve out all that FAT in the US Government and we can start by eliminating the IRS and enacting a flat tax.

But I want to talk about what I consider a terrible thing.

For years this administration has had the unmitigated gall to ridicule, condemn, distort, manipulate, and demonize Corporate America, as untrustworthy, self-serving, consumptive, unethical and the list goes on and on and on. 

What we are watching going on in the IRS is even beyond the pot calling the kettle black. 

I see a gross violation of ethics in the IRS scandal.  They are a behemoth organization that can crush an American.  Let’s read that again – The IRS can CRUSH an American if it so desires.  Taxpaying Americans dread the IRS.  I know that people were afraid of the KGB, I know people were afraid of the Nazi Brownshirts and Blackshirts (aka SS).  The American people, since the creation of the IRS – have had a fear of it and I am asking myself why?  We don’t need it.  It is oppressive – and now we know FOR SURE – it is corrupt.   



Benghazi and the truth


San%20Diego_03I’m listening and truly disturbed by what I am hearing.  I am even more perturbed by the labels that are immediately assigned to someone who is wanting accountability.  All need to be accountable – however high, however low, on the food chain (or chain of command).

I am personally involved because I too experienced what it is like to wait for the cavalry to show up – and it doesn’t happen.  Under the Bush Administration – San Diego burned – out of control – for 9 days.  Most people don’t even remember … but we were surrounded by fire.  More than 750,000 acres of land burned.  14 people died, wildlife died in the millions.  I explain it to people who can’t get their arms around the numbers, like this, “… if you only had one bunny, per acre, we lost 750,000.  If you only had 1 of anything there – we lost at the…

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Benghazi and the truth

San%20Diego_03I’m listening and truly disturbed by what I am hearing.  I am even more perturbed by the labels that are immediately assigned to someone who is wanting accountability.  All need to be accountable – however high, however low, on the food chain (or chain of command).

I am personally involved because I too experienced what it is like to wait for the cavalry to show up – and it doesn’t happen.  Under the Bush Administration – San Diego burned – out of control – for 9 days.  Most people don’t even remember … but we were surrounded by fire.  More than 750,000 acres of land burned.  14 people died, wildlife died in the millions.  I explain it to people who can’t get their arms around the numbers, like this, “… if you only had one bunny, per acre, we lost 750,000.  If you only had 1 of anything there – we lost at the VERY LEAST 750,000.  We lost millions.”  And it was emotionally staggering.  For days and days and days we were told the military resources (air tankers) were on their way.  They never showed up.  I wrote every person I could in the white house.  I called every day – sometimes several times.  I called Wolf Blitzer because I was told, by friends, there was very little on east coast news about the fires.  We were surrounded by flames – and it was being under-reported.  It was a circus, and some day I’ll write about all discovered researching the facts surrounding the fires and the workings of our government — and just how much the average person just doesn’t know about.  Oh, btw, the year was 2003.

But I digress.

In regards to Benghazi,  I was horrified that our military didn’t intercede, save or at the very least, make a show of force.  I think about how J. Christopher Stevens must have felt – knowing .. “this is it”.  I want to see the video that DHS stated before Congress – to have been watching and listening to the whole time.  They saw the protests…  What?  Now it appears that was a fabrication.  Hey – does PRAVDA mean anything to you guys?  Hello… anyone home?  We have an administration that has done the following:  Someone made a decision NOT to engage a military rescue, Someone made a decision not to use LOCAL – embassy – staff to intercede, Someone made a decision to let these people die.  END OF SUBJECT.  Who is that person.  Who are the people involved.  How can you say you watched it – and heard it – the whole 9 hours – but could not deploy any military because it was 2 hours away and had not refueling capability.   Was there any communication that was given to go for a total stand-down by our military, congress and administration?

THIS HAPPENED ON SEPTEMBER 11.   The Obama administration didn’t want this horror to be connected to September 11, 2001 – it would show that the fight still is real – the enemy is committed and killing Osama did not level a fatal blow to Al Qaeda.  What’s the problem.  It’s a fact.  Instead, this troupe of taxpayer paid politicians, fabricated a story – and tried to use a citizen of the US as a scape goat.  That’s not only sick – that’s scary.  This is a big deal.

When Hilary said “what difference does it make?” she lost any respect I had for her.  The chain of events and evidence is critical in any murder investigation.  How can they possibly change what was done incorrectly if they won’t even admit it happened that way?  Good god – how stupid are we?

I have heard people say the *right* is politicizing this.  Excuse me, but what the hell is more politicizing then spinning the facts to re-write current-events so you can be re-elected.

Now Here’s the bottom line – we either have one bad-assed guy in the White House who said – make this go away so I can be re-elected or, we have a incompetent fool in the White House who didn’t have the brains to instruct his government to be on heightened alert because SEPTEMBER 11 is a day of opportunity.  MAKE YOUR CHOICE.



This is where I draw a line in any understanding of some people.  Benghazi was a friggin disaster… and the cavalry did not arrive.  Can anyone understand how that must have felt to those Americans on foreign soil – and abandoned.  To me every time I replay the details surrounding Benghazi — starting with the Ambassador meeting with the Turkish representative – on the anniversary of 9/11 – just does not add up.   The fact that we didn’t have forces *on alert* in standby as a safety precaution – knowing fully well the fermenting dynamics on approach to September 11 – is egregious IMHO.  It doesn’t take a Harvard Graduate – oh wait – even a Harvard Graduate didn’t take the precautions – that’s our president – a Harvard Graduate that didn’t say to his administration – be on alert.  This is a date of opportunity for our enemies.  This is a date that the terrorists see as our Achilles heel.  I can’t figure out whether this is gross incompetence or dereliction of duty by not having “on ready” response teams situated throughout the world and domestically – JUST IN CASE.  And, sadly, as someone who actually liked Hiliary — her response of “what difference does it make” shut the door.  As someone who has experienced a family member being murdered PERSONALLY … it makes a huge difference what were the factors leading up to the actual event.  This veil of  feigned compassion or sympatico to the victims has been pierced.


I am opposed to assault weapons or automatic weapons except in a military environment.  Since there has never been a time of true *peace* in the world… people that enlist in the military understand that there is a 50/50 chance they will engage in lethal combat.  Unfortunately, we have to look at the BIG picture here.  Since the 1980’s I have told people about a magazine run out of Switzerland called Armada.  It is the magazine of every piece of weaponry that has been built by any country and manufacturer – for purchase.  Want a tank?  Fact is if we are going to have a real discussion about gun control —- it’s an onion with lots of layers.  Killing machines are part of a global industry.  Go check out http://www.armada.ch/  

We as a global society have appended different meanings for killing and the type of killing.  In some cases we sanitize it – as a source of justification.  That is particularly true of hunters.  One favorite is… ‘They care more for the land than so-called environmentalists and animal advocates because they thin the herds’… except they don’t take down the sick and the old … those they leave for the so-called *natural predators (and by their own distinction, the human hunter is not a *natural predator* – but it definitely is the most sophisticated predator).  They go for the biggest and healthiest — so stop the bullshit, ok. Wildlife manipulation by humans has resulted in how many extinctions?  We actually have agencies that remove natural predators like big cats, wolves, etc., so to  inflate the herds or flocks – to justify the need for hunting.  It’s called the DOI and its daughter agencies of the USF&W, BLM, BIA etc., and killing for them is a business.

Say it for what it is.  And while we’re on the subject of killing – in this case animals – I don’t consider a guy in fatigues, in a blind, covered in urine, with a semi-automatic rifle & scope or power bow … hunters.  How about you match your size and weight – with just a knife – against those animals.  If you can take them down by strength – then you are a hunter.  Right now – you are a killer using technology.  No skill here folks.

In that same context, I truly feel that if a person had to engage in hand-to-hand combat in a struggle of survival – that depended on sheer human strength – and not weapons – we might see less violence.  For all the sophistication of weapons – globally – we have just become more lethal unnatural predators and killers.  The religious radicals want to take out as many people as they can.  Many of their plans begin with Strap on Explosives.  Do we call them deranged or mentally ill?  Why not.  I think they are and hiding behind some deranged interpretation of *religion*.  I don’t care if it was Crusaders, Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Shiite, Sunni, Seik (sp?) Hindu – whatever.  Killing is killing.  It is removing the lifeforce of something or someone.  It should be treated with the gravity of what it is.  OK – I am what is considered extreme.  I attach persona to just about everything… trees, flowers, ants, bees, all creatures great and small, human and non human.   Animate and inanimate.  I think my home has feelings… which is why we are waiting until we have amassed funds to restuff and upholster our LR & DR chairs because they deserve better than being tossed in a landfill.  I have adopted abandoned teapots that no one wanted because it was chipped.  Sure I could buy a new teapot … but why?  I use this one and it has a second life.  For me – life is incredibly precious – not just human – but all life.  I recognize what it means to kill, want to kill, or have someone killed that you love.  Up close and personal.  So I need to ask what distinguishes a guy in Israel who blows himself up in order to kill as many Israelis (Jew and non-Jew) as possible, and the guy in Connecticut who did the same thing but his target was adults and children – and his mother.

I think anyone who wants to kill – humans or animals – is mentally questionable.

Killing is killing and in that moment, that person has achieved supreme control – taking life away.  Hollywood has sensationalized killing – they have to own that, and stop with lame CYA *excuses*.  They mock – truly – Rockwellian (or whatever the term is) values.  They aren’t just *entertainers* — they are *influencers* and have to own it – good or bad.  Once upon a time – there was some kind of review board before films could be released.  I think someone has to monitor the lack of common sense in all medias, all types.

I am opposed to parents that permit their children to become obsessed with violent *games* that enable them to – in a virtual reality – kill whoever the enemy is, rather than teaching them how to care for the elderly, children, animals, friends.  How many parents have essentially used these *games* as pseudo-babysitters.   I am equally opposed to parents that encourage their children to kill animals under the guise of being environmental conservatives, and it is a fight I will never stop.   In some states children can have access to guns before a permit to drive.

Under the flag of free enterprise, we have permitted an industry to blossom that’s sole purpose is to create more violent, realistic, shoot-em films.  We have a place called Hollywood that gives awards for creating films that terrify and scare audiences.  The more gore… the better.  Clearly, left to our own discretion… we don’t know what is bad.

I think we need to recalibrate our internal compass.  We need to stop lamenting about how sweet, innocent and simple life once was… as we indulge in all of the trappings of a throw-away society today.

The *PC* crowd has made it unfashionable to question or critique dubious behavior or conduct.  That is a big part of the problem… this *anything goes* society is realizing that maybe not so good afterall.   Those that know me know I will never turn away from bad behavior, especially if someone or something else is being intimidated or remotely threatened.