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There is no disputing the profound impact my mother had on my life — even though I struggled for years to be an independent *personality* of my own making. There was estranged years, the catalysts that made changes, and then the rebuilding of our relationship that culminated in a wonderful mother/daughter rapport. Mom was my best friend, my hard critic, greater champion, and eternal friend. I was lucky. We were lucky.

RJN Editorial on R.E. Glynn Sr.

Art Gunther wrote a beautiful editorial about mom.  I received an equally beautiful letter from the legislature.  I used to protest when my mother claimed we were so much alike.  If Thomas wanted to set me off… all he had to do was say “you are so much like mommy”.  Houston we have lift off.   Now I have to laugh at myself when I hear her words, or see her actions in the things that I say and do on a daily basis.  Isn’t that true for you too?  In my writings, you will discover that my mother and I considered the Wooden Indian a second home.  We had a lovely relationship with the owners… and we loved how they treated all their patrons – familiar and new.  I’d call her up, usually about 4:30 and say, “how’d you like to go to the Wooden Indian…?” and she’d always say “I’d love to”.   The meal may have been $20.00 but the memory was worth a million.

Editoral on R.E. Glynn Sr.