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This section will look at the people that have personally affected my life.

Pinky – Queen of Fat Cats

Copied verbatim from The Rockland Journal News

NYACK, N.Y., TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 1966 THE ROCKLAND COUNTY JOURNAL-NEWS – 23 Lady Pinkham, Queen of Fat Cats, Enjoys Royalty By JOE DINE EN Fat Cat Editor Lady Pinkham, the Queen of Rockland County’s Fat Cats, is enjoying her new role as royalty. The 20 pound Queen, who was crowned by The Journal-News Saturday to climax the Fat Cat Contest which had run lor three weeks, has suddenly become more affectionate than ever be-fore, according to her owner Mrs. Rita Glynn of Blauvelt. “She is the funniest thing we have seen,” said Mrs. Glynn. “She has been so affectionate since she was crowned Saturday. Usually she is rather haughty.” ‘ MRS. GLYNN said the secret to Pinky’s success is eating constantly. However, the real secret may be variety. “Pinky is exceptionally well fed,” said Mrs. Glynn. “She also gets a different meal every day.” Pinky’s story has been one full of success since she was found by the Glynn children, Rita Eileen, who will be 12 years old soon, and Thomas, 15, more than five years ago. She was found abandoned, stuffed in a paper bag which was stuck in the middle of a bush. She was no more than six weeks old, scrawny and suffering from a case of rickets. QUEEN PINKY was a real sight when the Glynn children brought her home. She was hungry and lonely because she was away from her mother, maybe a little too soon. The Glynns nursed Lady Pinkham back to good health and she has been growing ever since. Pinky is nqt the only feline in the Glynn family. She has a few brothers and sisters and then there are several friends from the neighborhood who constantly visit the household. “I think with animals, it is a case of food,” said Mrs. Glynn. “They all get along with each other as long as they are fed. Our cats play with a skunk who comes around the house every now and then. Since there is always food outside, everyone seems to get along. “I LIKE TO make sure the cats are well fed so they won’t harm the birds. We even have one of the dogs in the neighborhood come to’ see what the Glynns have to offer today.” Saturday was a big day for Rita Eileen, even though she was a bit nervous handling her fat feline. But she was confident. “She waj so proud of Pinky,” said Mrs. Glynn “But she thought Pinky should have won because she was the biggest and the prettiest. Now she wants to go into more cat shows.” RITA WILL be able to talk about Queen Pinky for one year. Then a new queen will be chosen by The Journal-Newi. Of course, the new queen must be the fattest in the county. Besides Rita’s big day, It was a big day all around for the Glynns. “We apapreciated every moment of it,” said Mrs. Glynn. “And we still haven’t stopped talking about it. It also enlightened us because we saw so many people who Just like cat and take care of them Just for affection. They were also somo of the nicest people.”


This is my Story…

This is where it all began for me… Derfus Lane.  These pictures where taken, I believe, 1n 1949 during the construction.  It was one of the first developments in Orangetown, located directly across from Rockland State Hospital for the criminally insane.  Yep.  True.  A stones throw.  A beautiful facility in terms of construction.  Almost a small city.  But I digress… anyway, here is our first home in Blauvelt, New York.

I think it was #26 but I’m not sure until I come across something with the correct address.  I do have one thing that my father recorded all of our addresses (up until his death), so I will be able to verify the actual address…

Anyway, this is where I made my appearance on July 15, 1954.  According to my mother, it was the hottest G-D July on record, and when she was in labor at Royal Hospital on the Grand Concourse, she understood why there were bars on the windows… (ahem….).  The day of my birth there was a severe electric storm and she said she watched the strikes against the George Washington Bridge.

She was in labor for over 40 hours… and according to family lore, I expired.   I had difficulty in the canal… and I expired due to whatever.  Dr. Rosenstein delivered the bad news and they were preparing my mother for a Cesarean section.  I couldn’t break whatever sac I was supposed to, was too far down the canal, and they could cut whatever because of whatever and I gave up. (please pardon the lack of proper terms for child birthing – but the fact is I know nothing about it.  )  Hours had passed without a heartbeat, according to story, and my mother was in danger as well.  She wrote a card to Thomas if anything should happen to her… (as one would expect), and my mother asked for a few minutes by herself.  She took out her prayer to St. Jude, and according to her, when it came to the part *the petition*, she said she wanted this baby, she wanted to go home, and she wanted everything to be okay.  And suddenly she got a kick in the ass, her water broke, and she yelled for my father to help her into the emergency room (down the hall), she got up on the table – herself – and I came out kicking and screaming.  Dr. Rosenstein and staff where absolutely taken all yelling – in a very jewish accent *Its a gurl, it’s a gurl*.

My mother loved Rosenstein.  He was our family physician until moving to Rockland.  He had cared for both my grandparents, and everyone in the family.  He was considered family.  Anyway… Fast forward – when I turned 16 my mother brought me to Dr. Rosenstein so I could personally thank him for my being alive.  (It was *accepted* that I just went into a very deep sleep for those many hours from exhaustion…) So there you have it.  I made my appearance at 6:30 p.m.  Astrology: Sun in Cancer, Mercury in Cancer, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Cancer, Part of Fortune in Cancer, South Node in Cancer.  In astrological terms, I had a loaded 7th house in Water.  Thank the gods, on the opposite side of my chart, I was saved by Mars on the Ascendant in Saggitarius and a cool moon in Capricorn in the first house.  (but later for that).

Here is a picture of me at my Christening dinner (sp?) November 15, 1954 and on July 9, 1955 with my precious aunt – aka Julia Mary Elizabeth Agnes McCann Drewry, Julie-baby and Sister.  I adored my aunt who was my very best friend for 29 years.  She was simply elegant.  She was beautiful in every sense and I was very lucky.

My world was complete – and I was truly a little happy child.  Here is a wonderful picture of my “nucleus” family.  My mother’s parents were dead, so I had the incredible good fortune of my grandmother’s sisters – Eileen and Marion (spelled with an *o*), and my great uncles to make me feel special.  I am three years old in these pictures – and I so treasure these pictures because in a snapshot I see them all…

And just about this time, I was beginning to realize I had a brother too.  Thomas and I were incredibly close as brother and sister go.  Fought like cats and dogs… but we truly enjoyed each other.  Thomas was a huge part of my life – and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him.   But in the early years… he was my buddy… and my champion.

Urban Renewal Program

Daddy was very involved with the onset of the Urban Renewal program that was being planned for Nyack, New York.  Nyack had fell into a state of disrepair and rather let it go the way of Newburgh, Orangetown took notice and made things happen.  Daddy and Mr. Holland were two such people and took my brother’s class on a field trip to Nyack to show them all the things that would be improved, developed, updated, etc.  The writing is my mother’s handwritten notation.

Mom and Dad …

Left picture: Mom and Dad at their wedding Sunday, November 16.  Right picture: Daddy and  mommy walking down the boardwalk during their honeymoon.  Since Thanksgiving was the week following the wedding, my parents decided to have their honeymoon the following week… and were on their honeymoon in Atlantic City on December 7, 1941.

By the way, my parents got secretly married on October 16, 1938 in Yorktown Heights.  They had been denied permission to get married – and eloped.  My maternal grandparents never knew my folks had eloped.  According to the Catholic Church and my maternal grandparents, my parents got married November 16, 1941 at St. Angela Mericis

Center photo: Daddy and his dear friend, Freddie Werner – age 13 — when my parent’s love affair started.