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Married. No Children. 3 cats. Live in La Mesa, California.  Shocked to be 58 years old.  Except for the occasional ache or pain from doing something incorrectly, I enjoy good health.  I enjoy a good marriage and partner.  I’m fortunate.  I never thought that I would live such a nice life.  I am surprised, actually.  I can remember living in a welfare hotel on 32nd Street in Manhattan, called *The Martinique* in my 20’s when I was rebelling against everything I could possibly think of.

I am glad to have survived the 20’s and 30’s.  The 40’s were fabulous – and a major turning point in my life.

After my mom died, I was incredibly sad… and doubted I would ever be able to smile and laugh again.  I can remember the day all that changed.  I was standing in my lovely little apartment in Nyack, in my very foo-foo bedroom… feeling incredibly sorry for myself, and I quote “I am all alone and there isn’t one person on the planet that gives a damn whether I am dead or alive.  I have nothing to tether me to this planet and I don’t know how to handle it,” and then I heard the divine inner voice that I ofter refer to.  It said “You can either stand being *pitiful pearl* (as my mother would call me when I overly emoted), or you can realize this is the first time in your life you can do what you want, be what you want, go where you want, without consulting or getting approval from anyone.  You are a totally free agent to enjoy your life with no encumbrances.

I looked up and said “this has possibilities”, and promptly booked a trip to Bermuda and swam with dolphins.  It was one of the most magical experiences in my life. Not the swimming with dolphins – though that was a major big – it was all I experienced in that one week, walking along the beach at night – walking the rocks … the ancient rocks.  All of it.  The fact that I had a dolphin next to me, or that I jet skied around the island and loved every second of it… was a bonus.

I equated jet-skiing to riding a horse, and I loved riding horses back east. Now I was on open ocean… and it had it moments with waves… but I rode it as a I would a horse -no bouncing.  Lots of side-to-side stuff, but very few butt-off-the-seat hits. Now if they would just come up with a natural *fuel-source* that would eliminate the toxins going into the water.. I’d really be happy.  Felt hugely guilty over that one.

Anyway, my life has magic in it almost every day.  The levels vary… but magical nonetheless.

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  1. tamar grinshpon

    The journey is what life is about. If we knew the unknowable, would we continue? I look forward to reading about the way your ride unfolds.

  2. ritaglynnsmith Post author

    Tarmenko – you have been, and continue to be, a companion in my life story. There may be distance and years between visits, but we always keep each other in mind, heart and spirit. When we do talk – it is just to keep us updated on what’s happened since our last chitchat. I have known you since we were – 15? 14? So much of my story includes you. BFF.

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