Daily Archives: February 14, 2018

Exultation of Killing

Is there a distinction between killing, killing and killing

We have saturated our lives with violence and gore – in the news, in the movies, in video games, in hunting, in dog fights, in cock fights, in our agriculture industry, in wildlife “management”  … on TV, in films, on Facebook, on YouTube, and in some warped, twisted, insane, way… we call the blood fests “entertainment” or “business as usual”.

I keep hearing media mentioned the long history and culture of our country and its relationship with “guns” … and yet no one says —- yeah, but you can’t look backward and make any comparison – our world in every sense is different. The culture of death has been nurtured.  You have magazines that worship the killing of animals, skinning and disemboweling, of a beautiful animals that was slaughtered for no reason other than the person wanted to kill.

You have an industry that is churning out weapons en masse …  and accessibility for anyone who passes a cursory “check” … that are more deadly, more sophisticated, and designed expressly to do the greatest damage possible.  Again, the collection and ownership is considered “a right” and I say – why would anyone want to have that weapon to start with?  Where are you going to use it? How are you going to use it? What motivates you to want this type of weapon.

How can we wonder why we have students who have just been part of, and witnessed, a mass killing and yet calmly speaking to the media about it in a dispassionate tone.  That is staggering.  No one, especially a young person, should be so detached that their response is so unemotional.  I didn’t see “shock” … I saw distance.

Yes – it is a gun … and for me it is more than just about a gun – it is a reflection of the VIOLENT CULTURE OF DEATH IN THIS COUNTRY and the glorification of it.

We have GLORIFIED KILLING and DEATH … and we have made it “acceptable”.