The Seesaw of Politics and Agendas

Meanwhile, behind the veil…

I’m watching friends and FB acquaintances discuss politics and IMHO, speaking as an animal advocate and environmentalist for umpteen years, both parties have a MISERABLE track record.  For me, the granite city is a prop. It is the visual effect to give people something to point to.  It’s the unseen government that I’m interested in. The one that doesn’t align with any party … and lives on undisrupted in charter … for decades and decades and decades.

So let’s start with one of my favorites… the EPA

For all those who lavish praise, ad nauseum, on federal agencies such as the EPA … this is a department that is highly duplicitous – but people only know what is put in front of them and really don’t make time to do a “dive”.  They think they are wonderful because of the Clean Air Act.  Why?

The EPA is the enforcer. They didn’t write the act.  Congress did. The first attempt in ’55 was the air pollution act – that languished because there was no regulation attached, the Clean Air Act of ’63, gave it the research and regulation funding and the ’70 amendment put some teeth behind it.  It wasn’t driven by the EPA … it is enforced by the EPA, “which was created for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress.” That’s their job. They need to do it.

Which leads me to ask whether you know about that same agency being responsible for reducing the number of superfund sites that still remain in situ – for decades and decades or to enforce cleanup by companies who have been found guilty of contamination?  Let me give you an example.  GE.  Did you know GE’s contamination of the Hudson River still has not been remediated for over 30 years?

But it gets better…

After 40 Years, Will GE Get a Pass for Polluting the Housatonic River?

Did you see the number 40?  How many administrations came and went … but for some reason, the EPA – responsible for ENFORCEMENT – permitted decades and decades and decades to pass.  Regardless of who is sitting in WDC – the EPA’s mission doesn’t change … only the amount of money being thrown at it does.  Their charter is not politically driven.  They have their own agenda and it’s not what you think it is.  They also haven’t been doing their job.

The EPA has an incestuous relationship (as in “excessively close and resistant to outside influence”), with the FDA and the USDA that is actually doing an ENORMOUS amount of harm to wildlife, land and flora – DAILY.  Your government permits – literally and figuratively – companies like Monsanto, Dow, Merck, DuPont) to create poisons to disseminate across our lands.  WTF is that all about. Create the health deterioration that relies on Pharma (FDA) to cure or at least manage the slow poisoning that seems to be happening.  Our drinking water in La Mesa is only 2 points below ‘contaminated’.  Really – and that’s a good thing?  We permit toxic ingredients that will – in long term – affect the health of an individual. Why?  The chemicals being applied to agriculture will invariably (unless guaranteed  proof of it becoming inert in a “short span”) find the aquifer. It will permeate the ground and ground water. Animals and livestock ingest contaminated feed, also injected with antibiotics, that eventually is slaughtered, packaged and put on a plate. What I find staggering is most people don’t think of this kind of stuff – ever – unless it is in the news.

It’s like their concept of the US GOVERNMENT is strictly located in the zone of WDC and the puppets that hang out there. They are that, you know.  It’s always good cop/bad cop – predictably. That is IMHO all for special effects. Keep the masses focused on the granite city … and they won’t even notice until its too late. Notice what?  See … that’s what I’m talking about.

I listen to people lament the Obama Administration departure and I think… really?

  • Even after he restored funding inspections of horse slaughterhouses in 2011 – that enabled them to reopen (and that is still the case) after we’d gotten them CLOSED and SHUTDOWN in 2007 because we were able to cut funding for inspectors (by the USDA)?
  • Even after he walked away from protecting wild horses with the stroke of a pen on a Bill left unsigned on his desk on his last day?
  • Even with more than 8,000 miles of oil transmission pipelines built Between 2009 and 2013 not including the state department driven XL pipeline. Do you know the chronology of the pipeline and the key characters involved?

And that’s just a smidgen.  Where were the environmentalists then?  It was a state department driven project from the get go. It could have been squashed anywhere along the way except —  Aug. 26, 2011: The State Department releases its final environmental assessment, which reiterates that the pipeline would have a limited environmental impact. “

More to come.


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