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Alice and Ralph

and other honorable mentions

Ralph and Alice are busy prepping the nest. They are not in residence, yet. They are customizing first. Every morning they show up with their little list of “to do’s” and spend the day doing it. Then comes evening – they roost elsewhere. We’re so happy they like the location and nest. They are totally at ease.
Did I mention that our walkway gardens are a favorite for the rabbits to have their babies. Drives me friggin nuts. With all the landscaping available to them … they pick our walkway. I have tried to discourage them … but they know us and ignore me.  Just the other day, I was in the garage and I heard banging on the gate.  I walked out and there was Rabbit.  She wanted to come into our patio and I’m like … no.  She’ll probably have them in last years nest.  Last year we ended up with six babies running all over the place. I’d walk out on my patio (nest in walkway, but our patio and our friends, next door, are the neighborhood the first explore.  Last year I ended up having to rescue 2 … and I’m like (talking to the divine) what the frig? You know I can’t handle this type of stuff anymore!!! You know I’m neurotic about this crap. ENOUGH!!!!!  Just like the rabbit…the divine ignores me.
[And that’s how I found out – years ago – that the divine also has a warped sense of humor.  When we first moved here … we had birdfeeders over the place.  We spent hours and hours just watching them come and go, take a bath, have arguments, little pool parties… and I have always considered our home, the closest thing to heaven I would experience on planet earth.  And then Isaboe arrived – our resident Cooper’s Hawk – in 2003. I believe she was displaced by the Cedar Fire Complex… and has never left. She has given us more than 40 chicks – successfully raised to juvenile and leaving the area (there is always one that is last, the ‘runt’, I think a female, who mom has to force to learn to feed/hunt by actually leaving the complex. She runs away for a while.  The baby calls for mom non-stop and then will start taking little trips but always returning at night. Then one day… finally… it gets quiet again except for the songbirds and we know she has left.  Shortly thereafter, Isaboe will return and announce her arrival. I always greet her. We have a complicated relationship. In all these years, we only had to rescue one of her babies. 
BTW, once we realized we had a predator in residence, all the feeders were removed (weened) … [said to my husband that I had an “issue” with setting the birds (and other creatures that consumed seed) up for attack by a predator.  (Izzy would do a fly-by and snatch.)  We have the birdbath (that she also uses along with the crows, the owls, the raccoons, and anything else that visits us at night) in a position where no ambush can occur.  That’s why I was insistent we get another tree after the HOA took down our liquidambar.  The birds lost a perch close to the birdbath and had to fly a distance to safety across the commons. High risk for interception.  In a successful legal challenge to the HOA, we planted two trees … one, a camphor, is about 20′ tall now, and the liquidambar we planted just a few years ago – in the same area as the one they took down, is now just shy 15′ (maybe) providing the perfect hangout for the little guys and hummers. In the Camphor, we get flocks of bluebirds, cedar waxwings, goldfinches, orioles, phoebe’s, towhee’s,  that hop, skip and a jump into the “pool”.  And yes … I rinse with fresh water no less than 3 times a day. It’s the least I can do. 
We have the eager kids perched, in waiting.  Husband will be filling the bath for the late day plunge.. and they fly in,  land, act surprised to see the big human with the hose (not) … and fly back to the trees.  It’s their way of saying “hurry up”.  The hummers will come over and do fly-throughs.  
The minute we stop and step back they fly in. We call them “pool parties”.    

How do we DISARM America?

We cannot create a proviso that gun owners, sport shooters and hunters are all OK … but only semi-automatic weapons are the problem. Those are the very people who buy them – sports shooters, gun owners and hunters all use semi-automatic weapons.  Semi-automatic pistol, semi-automatic rifle, semi-automatic shotgun.  Lots and lots of semi-automatics out there used and purchased by gun owners, sport shooters and hunters.
I think a vast majority who are opposed to semi-automatics – in their mind’s eye – envisualize the AR 15 when they use the words semi-automatic. Hand guns are semi-automatic too.
[The term semi-automatic means 1 squeeze on the trigger, one shot fired and performs all steps necessary to prepare it to discharge again—assuming cartridges remain in the firearm’s feed device. A hand gun is a semi-automatic weapon.  One squeeze one shot.]
WHEN someone says they want a ban on all semi-automatic guns but they have no problem with gun owners, sport shooters and hunters – does that mean they don’t plan on infringing on those groups “pleasure” or are they saying no one is permitted to own a gun.
If we stopped all gun manufacturing to the general public – right now – we’d still have too many in our country – about 700,000 conservatively.
If you still permit gun enthusiasts, sport shooters, hunters to buy and own semi-automatics … you will not make a bit of difference out there.
The only exception should be the military and para-military … and every weapon must be accounted for (yeah they need to account for them).
The gun mfgs are obligated to comply with the law, and are permitted to manufacture and sell semi-automatic weapons for the general market – not automatic (except for the military).
What no one is talking about is the AFTER-MARKET VENDORS who provide the KITS to change these weapons very easily to make them automatic weapons. Continual firing. SHUT THEM DOWN TOO.
Everyone is looking at the AR-15, M16, in their mind’s eye when they are thinking of semi-automatic rifles. The assault weapons contracted by the military with the gun mfgs has the option – with the flip of a switch – to go from semi-automatic (1 shot at a time) to fully automatic (unload a clip with one pull).
And when someone says they don’t have a problem with hunters  – who kill – that person has no problem with killing.  Except if it is a human. KILLING IS KILLING IS KILLING IS KILLING.


All recounted animal torture as their first violent act.

Animal abuse is often the first sign of serious disturbance among adolescent and adult killers.

When counselors at several federal penitentiaries evaluated inmates for levels of aggression, 70% of the most violent prisoners had serious and repeated animal abuse in their childhood histories.

Troubled children are much more likely to mistreat animals.  While less than 5% of U. S. children are estimated to have intentionally hurt an animal, for children at mental health clinics, animal cruelty rates range from 10 to 25%.  Prof. Frank Ascione at the University of Denver and Prof. Arnold Arluke at Northeastern University estimate that one in four children and adolescents with conduct disorder have abused animals.  Children who have been physically abused and exposed to domestic violence are at even higher risk.  In an assessment of 1433 children ages 6 to 12, Ascione found that among abused children, 60% had abused animals. 

Improving diagnosis.  Mental health professionals seldom ask routinely about animal abuse. Increasing awareness of the need to do so can pick up early indications of the problem.

Cross reporting. Since animal abuse and domestic violence are linked, child protective services and animal welfare groups are training together to recognize and report both human and animal victims.

Ensuring treatment. Several states are mandating evaluation and counseling for individuals convicted of animal abuse.

When we keep animals safe from harm, we also help keep children and adults safe.

Exultation of Killing

Is there a distinction between killing, killing and killing

We have saturated our lives with violence and gore – in the news, in the movies, in video games, in hunting, in dog fights, in cock fights, in our agriculture industry, in wildlife “management”  … on TV, in films, on Facebook, on YouTube, and in some warped, twisted, insane, way… we call the blood fests “entertainment” or “business as usual”.

I keep hearing media mentioned the long history and culture of our country and its relationship with “guns” … and yet no one says —- yeah, but you can’t look backward and make any comparison – our world in every sense is different. The culture of death has been nurtured.  You have magazines that worship the killing of animals, skinning and disemboweling, of a beautiful animals that was slaughtered for no reason other than the person wanted to kill.

You have an industry that is churning out weapons en masse …  and accessibility for anyone who passes a cursory “check” … that are more deadly, more sophisticated, and designed expressly to do the greatest damage possible.  Again, the collection and ownership is considered “a right” and I say – why would anyone want to have that weapon to start with?  Where are you going to use it? How are you going to use it? What motivates you to want this type of weapon.

How can we wonder why we have students who have just been part of, and witnessed, a mass killing and yet calmly speaking to the media about it in a dispassionate tone.  That is staggering.  No one, especially a young person, should be so detached that their response is so unemotional.  I didn’t see “shock” … I saw distance.

Yes – it is a gun … and for me it is more than just about a gun – it is a reflection of the VIOLENT CULTURE OF DEATH IN THIS COUNTRY and the glorification of it.

We have GLORIFIED KILLING and DEATH … and we have made it “acceptable”.


That “Killer” Smile

Animal Cruelty and Human Violence

American Journal of Psychiatry and Psychology Today … the medical community is starting to re-evaluate the mental stability of those who take pleasure in hurting and killing animals … Zoosadism is pleasure derived from cruelty to animals. It is part of the Macdonald triad, a set of three behaviors that are considered a precursor to psychopathic behavior.

The FBI has found that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appear in its computer records of serial rapists and murderers, and the standard diagnostic and treatment manual for psychiatric and emotional disorders lists cruelty to animals as a diagnostic criterion for conduct disorders.

But don’t take my word for it… maybe you’ll listen to the  National District Attorneys Association.

The LInk

Pinky – Queen of Fat Cats

Copied verbatim from The Rockland Journal News

NYACK, N.Y., TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 1966 THE ROCKLAND COUNTY JOURNAL-NEWS – 23 Lady Pinkham, Queen of Fat Cats, Enjoys Royalty By JOE DINE EN Fat Cat Editor Lady Pinkham, the Queen of Rockland County’s Fat Cats, is enjoying her new role as royalty. The 20 pound Queen, who was crowned by The Journal-News Saturday to climax the Fat Cat Contest which had run lor three weeks, has suddenly become more affectionate than ever be-fore, according to her owner Mrs. Rita Glynn of Blauvelt. “She is the funniest thing we have seen,” said Mrs. Glynn. “She has been so affectionate since she was crowned Saturday. Usually she is rather haughty.” ‘ MRS. GLYNN said the secret to Pinky’s success is eating constantly. However, the real secret may be variety. “Pinky is exceptionally well fed,” said Mrs. Glynn. “She also gets a different meal every day.” Pinky’s story has been one full of success since she was found by the Glynn children, Rita Eileen, who will be 12 years old soon, and Thomas, 15, more than five years ago. She was found abandoned, stuffed in a paper bag which was stuck in the middle of a bush. She was no more than six weeks old, scrawny and suffering from a case of rickets. QUEEN PINKY was a real sight when the Glynn children brought her home. She was hungry and lonely because she was away from her mother, maybe a little too soon. The Glynns nursed Lady Pinkham back to good health and she has been growing ever since. Pinky is nqt the only feline in the Glynn family. She has a few brothers and sisters and then there are several friends from the neighborhood who constantly visit the household. “I think with animals, it is a case of food,” said Mrs. Glynn. “They all get along with each other as long as they are fed. Our cats play with a skunk who comes around the house every now and then. Since there is always food outside, everyone seems to get along. “I LIKE TO make sure the cats are well fed so they won’t harm the birds. We even have one of the dogs in the neighborhood come to’ see what the Glynns have to offer today.” Saturday was a big day for Rita Eileen, even though she was a bit nervous handling her fat feline. But she was confident. “She waj so proud of Pinky,” said Mrs. Glynn “But she thought Pinky should have won because she was the biggest and the prettiest. Now she wants to go into more cat shows.” RITA WILL be able to talk about Queen Pinky for one year. Then a new queen will be chosen by The Journal-Newi. Of course, the new queen must be the fattest in the county. Besides Rita’s big day, It was a big day all around for the Glynns. “We apapreciated every moment of it,” said Mrs. Glynn. “And we still haven’t stopped talking about it. It also enlightened us because we saw so many people who Just like cat and take care of them Just for affection. They were also somo of the nicest people.”


I’m killing you… to save you.

That’s what “pro-hunters” routinely use as their justification for killing animals.  We’re doing a service. We’re actually the ones protecting the species… really?

If that stupid argument had an ounce of credulity – then we should be whacking humans at every opportunity – because we want to save the human species.  Instead … we have NASA and others looking for new planets to move to when there is nothing left  – except US. (That’s our backup plan ?!?)  But we do meet the criteria to start slaughtering humans – beginning with the most impoverished nations that cannot support their human population on the land they are living on.   Remove the word human … and this is the exact justification used for killing animals.

Hunters, the self-appointed conservationists, drool the “too many for the land to support” argument for killing animals.  They’ll starve if we don’t kill them.  We’re doing this because of the weak and sick … except we know damn well you’re going for the trophy kill.

Right now, the Department of Interior is using that exact argument to slaughter the last of the wild horses (less than 50,000) roaming on US public lands (wild lands).

They claim the land can’t support that number of horses … yet oddly … the DOI has “managed” to find 155 million acres of “public lands/wild lands” to LEASE TO CATTLEMEN to warehouse more than 21+ MILLION cattle being grazed for slaughter.  

THERE ISN’T ENOUGH LAND TO SUPPORT LESS THAN 50,000 WILD HORSES??? How about reducing the number of cattle?   

Now … back to my original thought… using “the hunter logic” – Africa, North Korea, India, China (to name few) are ripe for slaughter.  Regardless of its cause (drought, monsoons, birth rate) we’re not dying fast enough to offset the negative impact of our increasing population. The sick and weak – remain sick and weak. We’ve got slews holding on by a thread. We will pour toxins into our bodies to attack other toxins. We do not go gently into that good night.  

They adamantly profess HUNTING REDUCES STARVATION.  Works for me… let the killing begin.


But the fact is – our population is out of control – much worse than the animal kingdom of any species.  We have no apex predator to keep our numbers in check – and we suck at it.

Humans have gone to great lengths to defy death … why? because we don’t want to die!  Humans think dying is a great solution for every other creature on this planet – except themselves. We have justified the raping of this planet, its resources and its OTHER INHABITANTS for our benefit. Not theirs, ours.   We act like we OWN the planet and everything on it instead of SHARING IT and being ONE OF THE MANY.

If that justification for killing is good enough for every other living species on this planet – we should apply “that law” to us.  If we don’t want to … then it’s a bad law.

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