Daily Archives: August 24, 2013

Murder of Chris Lane

Many know how I feel about murder – but murders that I call cold killings.  These guys are the scourge of the earth.  They had dead eyes – like sharks.  They killed a dog earlier – and when that wore off… they killed a person who didn’t have a clue what hit him.  My brother was killed in a similar manner.  The person who killed him, killed for fun.  There is a sector of our society that is drugged with violence.  This killing just increased their street worth in their twisted, useless lives that contribute nothing the betterment of humanity.  They are the ultimate parasite.  They are the scum.  Don’t bother trying to “reform”.  Sentence to life in prison, with the finest of food, best medical support, total comfort in summer and winter, so that they live a very very long time – in total silence.   That should be the sentence – that they are never spoken to again.   Nothing will ever make sense to Chris Lane’s family… nor should it.  These were the scum we have to deal with on planet earth.  Scum have varying levels —- and even people in 3-piece suits can be scum.  It’s all about the soul … and they are soulless.