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Were the Irish sea captains that transported slaves to America?

Yesterday I had a very lively discussion on the subject of racism, the roots of, the source, the difficulty it puts on the US because as long as we are divided by race (whatever that race may be), we will never truly be a “united” nation.

When I was reminiscing about my family background, on a very light scale, it was stated that the Irish transported African slaves.  Without any hesitation, I argued against it – just knowing what little I do of Irish history, but added that I would do a deeper dive, because, it is – a myth and one that must be challenged – if inaccurate.

So, this a.m. with fresh eyes… and instead of using my texts in my home, I put a simple question to Bing … “Were the Irish sea captains that transported slaves to America”.  The subject of slavery as been in practice since so-called civilization started, but to have someone actually say that the Irish were the sea captains that transported slaves … sat poorly.  Why? because based on everything I know, the Irish were dealing with their own set of problems –  to put it mildly.   [Anyone who read Leon Uris’  “Trinity” recalls how it fueled the embers of Irish indignation all over again revisiting Oliver Cromwell in his systematic eradication of nearly 1 million Irish in “service” to the crown.]  But I wanted new information – I wanted to search THE WEB and see what came up.   My search yielded lots of good stuff on the subject and let’s start with one interesting blog, http://www.africaresource.com/rasta/sesostris-the-great-the-egyptian-hercules/the-irish-slave-trade-forgotten-white-slaves/.  End note:  I decided to dive a little deeper into this site – because I wanted to learn more about the author (and authors) as well as read some of the subjects and comments.  Wow… there are some very heated discussions – worth reading. It appears no subject is off limits— and just one more source to consider for perspective.

Another source wrote Irish indentured labour in the Caribbean, and last, is
England’s Irish Slaves – http://www.ewtn.com/library/HUMANITY/SLAVES.TXT

No one should be a slave – not then, not now, not ever.  But as long as there are humans who want to exert their power over others … slavery will exist.  It is done the disguise of religion, culture, family, whatever.  Subjugation is subjugation.