Daily Archives: July 4, 2013

Wild Horse Slaughter Rant

Where are the environmental voices of influence.  Where is Hollywood?  Where are all the loud-mouth, bigger than life – opinionated – *forces for good* that are so quiet the silence is deafening.

I cannot separate the US government from the tragedy that is unfolding RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES.  The US government is taking taxpayer dollars and waging a war on the wild horses and burros of this country .. and 80% of the population is OPPOSED.   The media is JUST STARTING TO WAKE UP.  Ken Salazar started the assault — and it has escalated under the new “czar”.   I just got an email this morning about the President’s trip abroad.

“In a visit to Tanzania, the President launched a poaching crackdown, dedicating the United States to fighting back against poachers and criminal wildlife traffickers.” 

Mr. President – with all due respect – the wild horse slaughter is happening in your own backyard.  This is happening under the direction of someone YOU appointed — and with one word you could stop this.

Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Duncan Hunter, Jr. —- how can you permit this?  80% of the people YOU SERVE are opposed to this and somehow, this massacre keeps going.  Helicopters, sharpshooters —-  what the hell is going on here?

The USDA has decided to start killing horses for meat.  Am I living in the United States?  Over 90% of the population opposes that.  DOES ANYONE SEE A PATTERN HERE?

This administration – ALL OF IT – delights in doing JUST THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.  Mr. Obama … you scare me more than George Bush did.  You are indifferent, distant, removed and selectively ignorant.