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Were the Irish sea captains that transported slaves to America?

Yesterday I had a very lively discussion on the subject of racism, the roots of, the source, the difficulty it puts on the US because as long as we are divided by race (whatever that race may be), we will never truly be a “united” nation.

When I was reminiscing about my family background, on a very light scale, it was stated that the Irish transported African slaves.  Without any hesitation, I argued against it – just knowing what little I do of Irish history, but added that I would do a deeper dive, because, it is – a myth and one that must be challenged – if inaccurate.

So, this a.m. with fresh eyes… and instead of using my texts in my home, I put a simple question to Bing … “Were the Irish sea captains that transported slaves to America”.  The subject of slavery as been in practice since so-called civilization started, but to have someone actually say that the Irish were the sea captains that transported slaves … sat poorly.  Why? because based on everything I know, the Irish were dealing with their own set of problems –  to put it mildly.   [Anyone who read Leon Uris’  “Trinity” recalls how it fueled the embers of Irish indignation all over again revisiting Oliver Cromwell in his systematic eradication of nearly 1 million Irish in “service” to the crown.]  But I wanted new information – I wanted to search THE WEB and see what came up.   My search yielded lots of good stuff on the subject and let’s start with one interesting blog,  End note:  I decided to dive a little deeper into this site – because I wanted to learn more about the author (and authors) as well as read some of the subjects and comments.  Wow… there are some very heated discussions – worth reading. It appears no subject is off limits— and just one more source to consider for perspective.

Another source wrote Irish indentured labour in the Caribbean, and last, is
England’s Irish Slaves –

No one should be a slave – not then, not now, not ever.  But as long as there are humans who want to exert their power over others … slavery will exist.  It is done the disguise of religion, culture, family, whatever.  Subjugation is subjugation. 

My grandfather was a NYC Policeman from 1909 – 1939(ish)

His proudest boast?  In his career he never had to discharge his gun.  He had his throat cut from ear to ear, transporting – on foot – a criminal.  What saved his life was his club… and the echo it made on the city streets of lower manhattan.  The other policeman – two blocks up – heard the club.  It saved his life.  In 1941 after retiring, he became a night watchman at Fort Dix.  That’s where he found what became my mother’s first baby – Freshie.  A six digit kitten who had a really bad attitude.  My grandfather used to dawn gantlets to play with him – hence the name Freshie.  Freshie also dragged a turkey off the dining room table, and decided to beat the crap out of a great dane.  My grandfather I never knew.  I do know he used to bring home men from the Bowery (as it was called) if he felt they had fallen on bad times and just needed a little help.  My grandmother, according to history, would take care of them until they could stand on their own… and many of the men gave thanks in sweet ways.  They were considered, by many, good Samaritans.  I never met these people, but I was given insight to them by their actions, as told to me by non-family sources.  My grandfather never liked being a cop.  He needed a steady job to support my grandmother, their children – and my grandmother’s nieces and nephews because her brother was a drunk and his wife died.  My grandfather raised 5 children plus his own.  he was a unique soul.  He stressed to his offspring to select a position they will enjoy working at. 

Racism and the IRS

The reason I want to introduce the IRS into the equation is because I see inconsistencies in our daily lives.  In one stream of conversation, we are talking about people, voting, identification, racism, discrimination, etc.  A new stream is about the IRS and what it is doing to get information on taxpayers.  Very probative stuff.  How do I know?  My client is a tax specialist and I am reading about taxes, tax law, tax enforcement, tax deliverables, tax questionnaires that are all IRS generated.  Why is this relevant?  Because right now, 100,000 households in CA have been sent a head of household questionnaire where they will have to prove their head of household status.  It is going to small business owners that have in-home businesses… it is probative and it is mandatory.  These taxpayers will have to prove who they are – and their status.  Now, let’s go back to voting.  Producing ID is an issue for some about being eligible to vote.  Jurisdictions, geography, convenience.  Then why don’t we all feel the same about adhering to the IRS stuff.  It’s a command… YOU MUST RETURN THIS BY.  It’s not a suggestion – it is a requirement.  Some homes may get audited.  Because the IRS doesn’t trust us… and btw, you do know that the IRS adheres to roman law and not civil law.  You are guilty until proven innocent.

If we are ever going to get anywhere in this great nation of ours – we have to have basic ground rules for what it is we are talking about.  If the white race is going to take on the responsibility – of all the ages – of all the discrimination – like girls not being able to own land, or transfer of ownership of property or money (as in the English and Irish history)… discrimination has gone on through the ages across colors and ancestry.  I’m watching it in Africa right now – along with genocide that no one seems to be noticing… but if we in the United States who are white and want this discussion to stop and go away … we need to make a commitment to make it happen.  At the same time, I want and expect the Black community to give me achievable objectives that I can actually make happen.  Not a blanket statement that I can’t do anything with.  If I am going to assume ownership of racism – I expect to be able to assume ownership to making changes.  In order to do that, I need to know what changes need to be made.  I am not articulate on the subject.  There are going to be multiple sides — the key is coming to a agreeable solution and answer.  If we can’t do that, we’re screwed.

Let’s talk about racism

I have been having a discussion with Michele Lewis – and some of her friends, colleagues, constituents, etc., and I have known Mich for over 20 years.  We come from different backgrounds.  To me, she was raised in a “rockwellian” household, from what she shared over the years.  I came from the stereotypical screwed-up house, fighting, violence, guns, alcohol, and the list goes on.  We met in Corporate America.  Our lives have taken different paths. 

Wild Horse Slaughter Rant

Where are the environmental voices of influence.  Where is Hollywood?  Where are all the loud-mouth, bigger than life – opinionated – *forces for good* that are so quiet the silence is deafening.

I cannot separate the US government from the tragedy that is unfolding RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES.  The US government is taking taxpayer dollars and waging a war on the wild horses and burros of this country .. and 80% of the population is OPPOSED.   The media is JUST STARTING TO WAKE UP.  Ken Salazar started the assault — and it has escalated under the new “czar”.   I just got an email this morning about the President’s trip abroad.

“In a visit to Tanzania, the President launched a poaching crackdown, dedicating the United States to fighting back against poachers and criminal wildlife traffickers.” 

Mr. President – with all due respect – the wild horse slaughter is happening in your own backyard.  This is happening under the direction of someone YOU appointed — and with one word you could stop this.

Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Duncan Hunter, Jr. —- how can you permit this?  80% of the people YOU SERVE are opposed to this and somehow, this massacre keeps going.  Helicopters, sharpshooters —-  what the hell is going on here?

The USDA has decided to start killing horses for meat.  Am I living in the United States?  Over 90% of the population opposes that.  DOES ANYONE SEE A PATTERN HERE?

This administration – ALL OF IT – delights in doing JUST THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.  Mr. Obama … you scare me more than George Bush did.  You are indifferent, distant, removed and selectively ignorant.