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Benghazi and the truth

San%20Diego_03I’m listening and truly disturbed by what I am hearing.  I am even more perturbed by the labels that are immediately assigned to someone who is wanting accountability.  All need to be accountable – however high, however low, on the food chain (or chain of command).

I am personally involved because I too experienced what it is like to wait for the cavalry to show up – and it doesn’t happen.  Under the Bush Administration – San Diego burned – out of control – for 9 days.  Most people don’t even remember … but we were surrounded by fire.  More than 750,000 acres of land burned.  14 people died, wildlife died in the millions.  I explain it to people who can’t get their arms around the numbers, like this, “… if you only had one bunny, per acre, we lost 750,000.  If you only had 1 of anything there – we lost at the VERY LEAST 750,000.  We lost millions.”  And it was emotionally staggering.  For days and days and days we were told the military resources (air tankers) were on their way.  They never showed up.  I wrote every person I could in the white house.  I called every day – sometimes several times.  I called Wolf Blitzer because I was told, by friends, there was very little on east coast news about the fires.  We were surrounded by flames – and it was being under-reported.  It was a circus, and some day I’ll write about all discovered researching the facts surrounding the fires and the workings of our government — and just how much the average person just doesn’t know about.  Oh, btw, the year was 2003.

But I digress.

In regards to Benghazi,  I was horrified that our military didn’t intercede, save or at the very least, make a show of force.  I think about how J. Christopher Stevens must have felt – knowing .. “this is it”.  I want to see the video that DHS stated before Congress – to have been watching and listening to the whole time.  They saw the protests…  What?  Now it appears that was a fabrication.  Hey – does PRAVDA mean anything to you guys?  Hello… anyone home?  We have an administration that has done the following:  Someone made a decision NOT to engage a military rescue, Someone made a decision not to use LOCAL – embassy – staff to intercede, Someone made a decision to let these people die.  END OF SUBJECT.  Who is that person.  Who are the people involved.  How can you say you watched it – and heard it – the whole 9 hours – but could not deploy any military because it was 2 hours away and had not refueling capability.   Was there any communication that was given to go for a total stand-down by our military, congress and administration?

THIS HAPPENED ON SEPTEMBER 11.   The Obama administration didn’t want this horror to be connected to September 11, 2001 – it would show that the fight still is real – the enemy is committed and killing Osama did not level a fatal blow to Al Qaeda.  What’s the problem.  It’s a fact.  Instead, this troupe of taxpayer paid politicians, fabricated a story – and tried to use a citizen of the US as a scape goat.  That’s not only sick – that’s scary.  This is a big deal.

When Hilary said “what difference does it make?” she lost any respect I had for her.  The chain of events and evidence is critical in any murder investigation.  How can they possibly change what was done incorrectly if they won’t even admit it happened that way?  Good god – how stupid are we?

I have heard people say the *right* is politicizing this.  Excuse me, but what the hell is more politicizing then spinning the facts to re-write current-events so you can be re-elected.

Now Here’s the bottom line – we either have one bad-assed guy in the White House who said – make this go away so I can be re-elected or, we have a incompetent fool in the White House who didn’t have the brains to instruct his government to be on heightened alert because SEPTEMBER 11 is a day of opportunity.  MAKE YOUR CHOICE.