Daily Archives: May 8, 2013


This is where I draw a line in any understanding of some people.  Benghazi was a friggin disaster… and the cavalry did not arrive.  Can anyone understand how that must have felt to those Americans on foreign soil – and abandoned.  To me every time I replay the details surrounding Benghazi — starting with the Ambassador meeting with the Turkish representative – on the anniversary of 9/11 – just does not add up.   The fact that we didn’t have forces *on alert* in standby as a safety precaution – knowing fully well the fermenting dynamics on approach to September 11 – is egregious IMHO.  It doesn’t take a Harvard Graduate – oh wait – even a Harvard Graduate didn’t take the precautions – that’s our president – a Harvard Graduate that didn’t say to his administration – be on alert.  This is a date of opportunity for our enemies.  This is a date that the terrorists see as our Achilles heel.  I can’t figure out whether this is gross incompetence or dereliction of duty by not having “on ready” response teams situated throughout the world and domestically – JUST IN CASE.  And, sadly, as someone who actually liked Hiliary — her response of “what difference does it make” shut the door.  As someone who has experienced a family member being murdered PERSONALLY … it makes a huge difference what were the factors leading up to the actual event.  This veil of  feigned compassion or sympatico to the victims has been pierced.