Daily Archives: December 10, 2012

The Divine & Magic

I do not understand this religious issue in this country.  Some religions are *sacred* while others are up for assault and condemnation.  For me – I pray every day that there is something more intelligent out there than what is occupying planet earth at the moment.   The human species is a parasite on the planet, consuming *renewable resources* until depletion and then extinction … everything is secondary to the * human species* and thus expendable. I truly wish that these *great* religions would stop promoting life-after-death and promote “good behavior” on this plane, this incarnation, this lifetime.  Stop taking all of our planet for granted as if it was put here for our enjoyment and abuse.  The planet is more than a rock with a lot of creatures living on it.  It, we, and all *living things* including the planet and its core, are part of the fabric of this planet.  We’re not visitors and there isn’t another option out there at present.  Life after death is still a little sketchy at best – so for those *faithful* that want to kill as a means of entering paradise… that’s fine… just don’t take others with you.  It’s a personal choice.  I also don’t resent the organized religions and their individual expression of *holy days*.  I do resent those who feel threatened by them and the attempt to remove *divine* from our lives and landscape.  Any religion who does good, who embraces tenderness, love, caring, stewardship and responsibility doesn’t threaten me.  Any religion who espouses death, martyrdom, assassination of non-believers – IS A THREAT to me.  God isn’t threatening… the human species is.   I hope there is a God… actually, I pray there are multiple deities that take mercy on our collective stupidity and bring enlightenment.  I want to believe that. I want to believe in the magic