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Exotic Animal Park Owner – CBS This Morning

This is a case – IMHO – of just because you can, doesn’t make you right.  This is an exotic animal *owner*… lions, tigers, etc.  The HSUS is getting involved.  The owner says “it’s his right” — and I beg to differ.  Just because you can have 80 large cats on your property … doesn’t mean you should or you are right.  Just means you can.  Being located in *tornado alley* is a prime factor in my book.  How do you adequately protect these animals from horrible injuries if you can’t relocate them to safety?  I have the same issues with horse owners out here in the east county of San Diego that couldn’t relocate their horses during the wildfires.  Every horse owner should be required to own a trailer suitable for his horses or livestock.  People were up in arms over humans dying in the fires… but little mention of the millions of animals and number of horses that died as a result.  The wildlife we can’t do anything about … but animals that are in our possession rely on our being able to *protect them*.  Food, shelter, protection…. this man may have every “legal right” to possess these animals — but in the event of an emergency —- what provisions has he made to ensure their safety.  Just where do you stuff 80 large cats (and other animals) that are in cages?  I am not one of those “born free” people.  Animals in the wild stand less a chance of survival especially when the modern age is their challenge.  Animal – Car – Animal loses.

But if Charlie Rose, CBS and the HSUS are going to intervene — how about shutting down — by federal legislation — *Canned Hunt* facilities in the western united states.  It is disgusting.  How about stopping the sensationalism of hunting alligators by Geo, Discover, whatever.  We sure could use Steve Irwin on this.

Anyway, for those who are interested, here’s the link :;cbsthismorning