Extended Learning Curve of Life…

Know what I mean?  I have just realized that I have been on a continual learning curve since my body *learned* to breath in the air of life.  At no point has it stopped.  Every day I can identify something I have learned *new*.  Some of it serves no purpose other than expanding my knowledge base.  That’s okay.  I measure stuff by how much i have learned.  I’ve learned about submarines, aircraft and ships through my husband.  It has also given me an endless source of gift ideas — (love that).  We have very different interests and some absolutely mutual interests that give us room for our own personal interests, and joined interests.  I think I wrote a long time ago on facebook that my husband will look at me sometimes with a caption above him that says “gee, honey, I love you so much but you are so weird at times.”   In the beginning, I think my husband thought my relationship with plants, animals and creatures of all types that cross my path… was a little odd… until he discovered how much he was the same way, but never felt comfortable in expressing it.  Now he and I are equally weird and our neighbors can attest to it.  Some like it, others don’t.  We’ve decided to extend our involvement into the community.  We’ve decided that instead of indulging in the holidays (as in nucleus family) that we want to do something for the VFW or Legion or Wounded Warriors above and beyond our annual contributions.   We want to volunteer in the kitchen or as waitstaff … or whatever is needed.  We think it will be fun – and informative.

I’m doing well learning the web design and formatting though I am so far from mastering it is almost laughable.  I do look forward to getting good at it … at some point.  It has given me a HUGE (as in mega) appreciation for the web work Valerie has done for me over the years, and clients.  She is a brilliant artist and gifted.

But I am enjoying learning — even if I have to get up and walk away when I can’t understand what the hell I am reading … and it’s the 4th time I’ve read the same sentence.  I always wonder whether I will experience the Peter Principle.  Are you familiar with it?  The Peter Principle in a nutshell is when a person reaches their level of incompetence.  Read it again.  A bridge too far.  When I had that fantastic gig for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters … at a point I remember thinking “is this a bridge too far?” because of the complexity and intricacy that was needed.   I put in a gazillion hours because of the details, and how things were changing almost on a daily basis.  However, it was my experience that was invaluable – and I will always love Timeplex for giving me countless opportunities throughout 13 years.  I will always be a cheerleader for that company – and the people that worked there.

To me, as long as I am learning something brandy new… I’m still a child.  Knowledge is not without its pain.  That is why “Ignorance is bliss”.   You can’t be sad because you don’t have something … if you don’t know what that something is. Likewise, once you have knowledge of something … you own it.   If you have knowledge of someone injuring another, or an animal, or the environment … and you turn your eyes away… that is an absence of ethics and is gross indifference.   Knowledge brings responsibility.  The quest of knowledge is a good thing – and made better when we do something positive with it.

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