Earth signs in major configuration

This is a post I received this morning from ElsaP, one of the clearest and most *understandable* astrology sources.  She lets me know what I need to know, in short, concise, words.  The best way to learn a little about astrology is what the planets rule, like Mercury, 3rd house, communications, short travel, brothers and sisters… etc.  I’ve decided to start publishing some of my mothers *stuff* — for the astrology classes she taught in Ramapo, Clarkstown and Orangetown over the years.  She provided great handouts for basic overview and introduction of planets and forces.  In the meantime, here is Elsa’s headsup for the coming week underway.  My comments will be in BOLD print.

“The Sun leaves Aries for Taurus on Thursday, forming a grand trine in Earth with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn.  Jupiter is also in Taurus and if you don’t like the Earth signs, you best hide under the bed through the weekend, because there is more to come.

Friday is prelude to the New Moon in Taurus which takes place just after midnight on Saturday morning. If you’re out Friday night, I’d be scouting for opportunity.

Some think of Taurus as a boring sign. If you’re bored by love, money and self-esteem, then I see your point. Personally, I like this very stable sign and if you want to better understand Taurus under this new moon, think about the Charging Bull on Wall Street.   There is something reassuring about that bull. He represents wealth and solid self-esteem which are things that just don’t go out of style.

[Sidebar: My brother was a Taurus.  He had a love and appreciation for the finer things in life; art, music, pomp and ceremony, literature.  My aunt nurtured his love by taking him to the finest galleries in the NY-Tri-State area (I was in tow).  My father introduced us to classical music.  Daddy had his prize collection of vinyls (I have a few to this day, including Carmen), and Thomas and I used to rake leaves and sift dirt to Saint Saens, Grieg, Wagner, Rachmaninoff, and Tchaikovsky.  My father would put the speakers up to the windows in the living room and pipe the music out … LOUDLY.   My mother would say “Tommy, can you turn down the volume? and if that didn’t start an argument… Daddy would answer, I can, but to really appreciate it, you need to be able to hear it.  (and that usually started the argument).  As a result of our music appreciation upbringing, I too developed a love of the classics – and Thomas went on to the really heavy masters (that I didn’t have an appreciation for, i.e. baroque and monastic).

Taurus is ruled by Bacchus… indulgence in food, wine, lavishness.   The Bacchanal is a musical interpretation of Bacchanal worship, who is also known as Dionysus.  For your listening pleasure, here is a link to the Bacchanal from San Saens “Samson and Delilah.

Sunday, the love fest in the earth signs continues but at this point you’ll probably notice the brilliance in the air.  This is because on Monday, Mercury and Uranus form an exact conjunction in Aries (see Mouths and Minds on Fire).  Mars (Aries) in Mercury’s sign (Virgo) aspects the conjunction so we are really going to see some fresh ideas out of this.  Most definitely jot down what comes to mind because the ideas will be fast and also fleeting.
To understand this energy, imagine playing Jeopardy on crack. It’s mental stress but some people love it. It’s via an aspect like this that we get crackpot ideas; stuff like electricity or the Internet or the audacity to think you can land on the Moon.
We have a grand trine in earth on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so people will be calm. We’ve got plenty of chaos ahead, so enjoy the peace while you have it.  
If you want to talk about these issues or anything else, please schedule a phone appointment or contact me for an email consult.
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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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