Return to San Francsico in search of meaning…


My mother was a very unique personality wrapped up in a Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Ascendant.  She was raised to believe that she could be anything or do anything if she put her mind it.  She proved it when she became a real estate broker in 1965, started her own business, and then became a builder and real estate developer- all on a high school education.  Mom was way ahead of her time on so many levels … and not so much on others but that is perfectly O.K.  So, after my father died, and my mother realized that their opportunity to correct and get straightened out from their very sad marriage that had dissolved (due to any number of reasons) into distance – ended abruptly on November 19, 1971 when my father died.  She couldn’t get over that it was finished.  The man she fell in love with at 13 … was dead and they couldn’t talk, yell or make love anymore.

That began her search.  Until that time, I was the one who my parents used to compare to my grandmother – and it was clearly  understood that my grandmother was a witch.  Not a bad witch… but someone who had the gift of prophecy, and a very unusual relationship with animals.  She consulted tea readers and mystics routinely with the money she earned washing people’s clothes.  My grandfather was a policeman, but in addition to my mother and aunt, my grandparents took in their 4 cousins.  Their mother had died, and my grandmother thought her brother was incapable of caring for his children in between his drunken stupors.   His name was Willy and my grandmother wanted to punch him in his nose on many occasions (but didn’t).  Anyway, my grandmother – my mother’s mother – was pretty unique too, it seems.  She was (before getting married and raising children) a big-board operator for New York Telephone in the early 1900’s (1907 ish).  She was one of those girls on skates that you see.

The stock I came from on the maternal side was pretty solid … though I cannot comment too much on my paternal side because of extenuating circumstances.  I really didn’t know my father’s family other than very casually.  Sad but true.

2 thoughts on “Return to San Francsico in search of meaning…

  1. joan condon

    oh my god, rita, i am so absorbed by reading this. i am so happy you did this blog. it brings your mom back to me on so many levels!

  2. ritaglynnsmith Post author

    Thank you, Joan! I have been writing for over 30 years and just never figured out what the hell to do with my stuff. My mother always said she saw me as a writer. After I moved here to San Diego, I decided to get a reading. I cannot for the life of me find the woman’s name, or number, or where the hell I went because I was not acclimated to San Diego yet. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting much. After a few seconds sitting with me, she said “so when are you going to write that book, and I don’t mean the “how to” books you put together.” I was dumbstruck. That’s one of the things I do, put processes and methods, as well as step by step guides. I even invested in Dragon software because I figure it will be easier to dictate. We’ll see. Mom and I had an adversarial relationship at times, but always loved one another. I want to write about Julia – aka Sister aka Julia Mary Elizabeth Agnes McCann Drewry (notice something about this family and *big* names). I have tons of stories about your mom and my mother who were two giddy girls when they *hung out* together. My mother would, after my being around them for a while, tell me to get lost. That’s when they wanted to talk girl talk. Thank you for being so supportive. This is going to be fun!


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