Personal Thought from December 7, 2010

Once again “wildlife management” (the greatest oxymoron in U.S. lingo) has allowed a situation to grow to a ‘perceived’ level of urgency.   The trauma of this type of event in wildlife is devastating … for the animals (all animals) and humans that are totally opposed.

I wish you – and others – would become familiar with The American Hunting Myth by Ron Baker.   Rick – wildlife management of the park clearly wasn’t doing the right thing… for years… otherwise we wouldn’t have this conflict NOW.  To use the homeless as an excuse to have a hunt “aawww… let’s be nice and kill deer that we have allowed to grow in numbers… and use the homeless as a justification…” is one of the ROUTINE justifications.  The public also has a right to have witnesses to this hunt.

Once again — our government who is totally indebted to us for their existence – is telling US – the American People .. no you can’t stop this and no you can’t watch us either.  We’re the ones in control.  These agencies (local and federal) are funded by our hard-earned tax dollars.  The USF&W, EPA, DOA etc., are not friends of animals, Rick.  Please do not become fooled by their speak.  The so-called park management has allowed this to happen — and now the deer are the ones to be killed.   Realize something — many of us who were former conservatives have a jaundice about the federal government. I don’t believe them and I do not trust their word … especially when it comes to so-called “wildlife management”.  To them — this is a SPORT!!!!

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