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A line of independent women

A lot of my writing will center around the women who have mentored me through life.  I  may have admired men, but the women in my life let me know anything was possible because they made me possible in their choices and decisions.  For me – the real beginning starts with Bridget Spellman (I will need to confirm that on ancestry, but I believe it was Spellman).  A girl, in Ireland, who came to the United States for some reason.  There was a young man named Eugene Wasserman. A nice jewish boy in Paris.  He decided to journey to the United States for some reason.  Some how, some where, those two people met and fell in love, produced 9 children (or was it 11) … and my father’s family started.

That *coincidental* journey of two people just awes me.

My mother’s family emigrated to the United States in the very early 1800’s.  I would ask for more information, like what happened to make them decide to leave their native country… it’s not like they were sitting around the dinner table on Thursday night and said, “oh hey, you busy next week.  Let’s sail to that new country…”

However PBS had a fabulous documentary on the various groups of people who emigrated … and the number of young, single, irish, women was incredible – I believe 2:1 (2 irish women to every 1 irish man).  They also were the fewest to return to their native country.  Pretty amazing.

I jokingly said to my mother one night, after her reminiscing about my grandmother and great aunts, “and anyone should wonder why I am the way I am and my  life is my life… look at the stock I came from…”


Written January 23, 2010

Mother’s influence their children – hopefully in a positive way.  My mother and I had an interesting relationship – very often combative, and some times, even estranged.  My mother was a strong presence, both positive and negative, and always interesting.  I came from a line of independent women dating back to the last century.  I was regaled with stories about my grandmother, who was born in 1888, the year of the Great Blizzard.  My grandmother, when of age, worked as a “board operator”.  She was one of those on skates you see pictures of.  The big board … and she started with The New York Telephone in or about 1907.  She was quite social and, to my knowledge, a flirt.  She used to give her name and, yes, telephone number, to guys … and eventually became engaged to a person named Frank.  My grandmother’s best friend was Jewish.  Molly.  Molly and Mae hung out all the time together and Frank, at some point during the relationship, made the mistake of telling my grandmother that once they got married, he would like it if she would stop associating with Molly.  My grandmother, according to the records, told Frank “The day you tell me who my friends are, there will be pink bluebirds.” and broke her engagement.  That same year, my grandfather (to be) became a New York City Policeman.  Over the next two years, engaged to someone else, was assigned a beat (in those days they walked or rode a horse) – and my grandfather’s put him in line to meet my grandmother on her way out of the telephone company every night.  It didn’t take long for my grandfather to fall in love with my very independent grandmother, and he broke his engagement.  So that’s were my story begins… because that led to my mother, and then me.  My grandfather nicknamed her “The Yankee Clipper” after the ship because of her gracefulness.  Her hair was mahogany colored and she wore it Gibson style. My grandmother kept her hair long until her death… and I have pictures of it laying on the pillow as she slept, shortly before she died.

California Firestorm, 2003 : Anatomy of a Fire

I have not been terrified, saddened, frustrated, angry, confused – all at one time – except during the Firestorm in 2003.  It was my awakening on so many levels, and profoundly changed my life.  Nothing made sense.  Now, with this blog, I can start to put in writing what my seven plus years of research has yielded.  Remember, I am only examining the facts.  I use their words, articles, reports.  I’ll let you make your own conclusion.  It all began in October 2003 with the fires.  Here is my thoughts in April 2004 when I started recording information and compiling it.


My background in investigative research, advocacy and activism spans more than 30 years and is fueled by my belief in the very tenets that make this country great.  As a citizen, I possess the right to question and challenge any ‘authority’ that does not act in our best interest.  The events that led up to, during, and after the Firestorm that engulfed San Diego County has amplified my commitment to investigate local, state and federal authorities that failed and even obstructed efforts to defend our wildlands, wildlife and residents.

It is my assertion that the California 2003 Firestorm that consumed more than 750,000 acres and killed 24 people was preventable.  I further assert that,

The public and media were deliberately fed disinformation on the local, state and federal level that knowingly put the public at risk,
State agencies deliberately deceived the pubic on firefighting resources available,
Firefighting agencies did not proactively attack these fires, putting the public at risk,
Negligence in providing adequate ‘first-alert’ systems or alerting media
State Firefighting agencies suppressed local efforts to fight the fire,

While the CDF and related state agencies assert they did the best they could, they concede that the loss of wildlands, wildlife and residents was a regrettable consequence of the fire (see Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission report), however, overall they consider their efforts successful.

Based on my research and knowledge – this is not true.  There are and were massive state and federal resources available that were established under the National Fire Plan. In particular, ESF#4 clearly identifies lead agencies, support agencies and their individual responsibilities in detecting and suppressing fires.  These agencies function under the Federal Response Plan, and were specifically created in order to ensure efficient and effective response mechanisms and seamless communications.  They include the United States Fire Commission (Dept of Homeland Security), Office of Aircraft Services (DoI), Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Defense, United States Forest Service, (DoA), US Fish & Wildlife (DoI), National Park Service (DoI) Bureau of Land Management (DoI) Bureau of Indian Affairs (DoI), etc.

Sources and Compelling Observations:

The United States is currently under an ‘elevated’ (yellow) status of alert,
12 fires from Ventura County to Otay were of ‘suspicious origin’ (not lightning)
DHS considers ‘fire’ a credible threat by terrorists,
All 12 fires began within 5 days of each other,
Incident Reports for Cedar Fire (10/25 – 12/4) showing latitude and longitude
Initial Cedar Fire report neglects to mention impending Santa Ana winds
Aerial extraction of hunter real-time but no fire response
Purpose and scope of CFCG (California Fires Coordination Group) Washington, DC
Purpose and scope of NIFC (National Interagency Fire Center) Boise, Idaho
National Fire Plan Doctrine
$483M in Federal assistance channeled into California post fire
FEMA report into DHS

Initial Findings:

Either every agency from the federal level to local municipalities failed to coordinate and communicate effective response mechanisms, and demonstrated massive incompetence and indifference


These fires were deliberately allowed to grow.

Personal Thought from December 7, 2010

Once again “wildlife management” (the greatest oxymoron in U.S. lingo) has allowed a situation to grow to a ‘perceived’ level of urgency.   The trauma of this type of event in wildlife is devastating … for the animals (all animals) and humans that are totally opposed.

I wish you – and others – would become familiar with The American Hunting Myth by Ron Baker.   Rick – wildlife management of the park clearly wasn’t doing the right thing… for years… otherwise we wouldn’t have this conflict NOW.  To use the homeless as an excuse to have a hunt “aawww… let’s be nice and kill deer that we have allowed to grow in numbers… and use the homeless as a justification…” is one of the ROUTINE justifications.  The public also has a right to have witnesses to this hunt.

Once again — our government who is totally indebted to us for their existence – is telling US – the American People .. no you can’t stop this and no you can’t watch us either.  We’re the ones in control.  These agencies (local and federal) are funded by our hard-earned tax dollars.  The USF&W, EPA, DOA etc., are not friends of animals, Rick.  Please do not become fooled by their speak.  The so-called park management has allowed this to happen — and now the deer are the ones to be killed.   Realize something — many of us who were former conservatives have a jaundice about the federal government. I don’t believe them and I do not trust their word … especially when it comes to so-called “wildlife management”.  To them — this is a SPORT!!!!

So let’s talk astrology for a second : Keeping Your Cool – Week of March 26, 2012

This morning I received a post about this week … and it is spot on.  Two steps forward, one backward… situations that could become *testy* if given room… and just a lot of energy out there.  I subscribe to ElsaP for her interpretations of the transits and I must give this lady credit.  She is good.  Anyway, as I’ve written before, I am still a student of astrology, making a deeper dive is on my bucket list, and I have integrated astrology into my life.  For you initiates out there… keep track of your life, start to *read* the energy – positive and negative.  Step back when you feel angst or when someone has crossed into your aura.

The following is her *heads-up* alert.

This whole week looks like a traffic jam to me.  The arrangement of cars changes constantly but no one is going to sail through these next days without a variety of encounters with others.

Not all the the meetings will be jarring or stressful. It’s possible to fall in love in a traffic jam.  People who can keep their wits and sense of humor in the chaos will be fare best.

Thursday we have two grand trines for support, but Mercury, Mars and Saturn are all retrograde and people are fed up with delays. It’s like being stuck on the freeway in Los Angeles.  The weather’s nice, but you may be pissed off anyway.  Note that you get to choose what you focus on. The Sun also squares Pluto exact on Thursday.  This is difficult energy to deal with – See Transit Watch for details.

Friday, the Moon in Cancer forms a T-square with the Sun, Uranus and Pluto. It’s a safe bet someone gets their feelings hurt.  Whether this is because they’re oversensitive or because the other person has a shocking (Uranus) ego (Sun) on steroids (Pluto) will be debated.

The Moon squares Saturn on the weekend while Mars opposes Neptune and Chiron and both configurations are worrisome. Work and service would be positive expressions of this energy but some will be depressed (Moon Saturn) and act as their own worst enemy.  To avoid this, boundaries are key.  My advice is you stay out of the confused fray if at all possible.

Monday is ego day with the Moon in Leo and the Sun exalted in Leo.  If you’ll allow me mine, I’ll allow you yours and we won’t have to come to blows.

Tuesday begins the shift of planets into Mercury-ruled signs which will end our week with a flourish.   Venus enters Gemini, the Moon enters Virgo and then Mercury turns direct on Wednesday morning opening the floodgates for communication of all kinds (see details)

Last, continue to watch your step around Virgo and Gemini this week. Here’s the PSA on that.

If you want to talk about these issues or anything else, please schedule a phone appointment or contact me for an email consult.

I am holding a workshop on the Uranus Pluto square 2012-2015 – you can check that out here. It’s starts on April 4th.

I also have a variety of astrology reports for just $10.  Check them out here.
Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P


With all due respect — what is going on here?  Every day, I see this government more and more out of control.  The DOI and its daughter agencies are, in my opinion, an enemy of the people.

When the US Congress unanimously passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act in 1971, America’s wild horses roamed on 53,518,146 acres of Western rangeland.

Today, the Bureau of Land Management (the primary agency charged with managing and protecting our wild horses and burros) manages wild horses and burros on 34,340,678 acres – a decrease of more than 35%. This stunning land loss is the direct result of erroneous management and decision making by the BLM.

Despite the BLM’s claim regarding the number of wild horses, there is no accurate count of wild horses on public lands. In 2008, the BLM’s best guess put the number at 29,644 wild horses and 3,461 wild burros, totaling 33,105 wild horses and burros.

The BLM complains that wild horses are competing with livestock and damaging the environment, but there are an estimated 8 million livestock grazing on approximately 235 million acres of federal public lands in 11 western states. The vast majority of all BLM administered lands (92%) is leased for livestock grazing.

Over 10 years ago the BLM established long-term holding facilities to provide care for these animals until they could be adopted or lifetime care for those animals deemed “unadoptable” instead of operating a responsible management strategy to protect wild horses and burros on the range.

The idea was to guarantee the welfare of these animals, but the program has become so unbalanced that the BLM now spends more than half of its annual budget simply warehousing horses unnecessarily. Strapped for cash and insisting that more horses need to be removed from the range, the BLM is now proposing mass euthanasia of warehoused wild horses.

Not only will the BLM have wasted over 100 million taxpayer dollars spent on animal care, but also the agency will be killing the very horses the Americans have given them the budget – our taxpayer dollars – to PROTECT and CARE FOR.

Return to San Francsico in search of meaning…


My mother was a very unique personality wrapped up in a Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Ascendant.  She was raised to believe that she could be anything or do anything if she put her mind it.  She proved it when she became a real estate broker in 1965, started her own business, and then became a builder and real estate developer- all on a high school education.  Mom was way ahead of her time on so many levels … and not so much on others but that is perfectly O.K.  So, after my father died, and my mother realized that their opportunity to correct and get straightened out from their very sad marriage that had dissolved (due to any number of reasons) into distance – ended abruptly on November 19, 1971 when my father died.  She couldn’t get over that it was finished.  The man she fell in love with at 13 … was dead and they couldn’t talk, yell or make love anymore.

That began her search.  Until that time, I was the one who my parents used to compare to my grandmother – and it was clearly  understood that my grandmother was a witch.  Not a bad witch… but someone who had the gift of prophecy, and a very unusual relationship with animals.  She consulted tea readers and mystics routinely with the money she earned washing people’s clothes.  My grandfather was a policeman, but in addition to my mother and aunt, my grandparents took in their 4 cousins.  Their mother had died, and my grandmother thought her brother was incapable of caring for his children in between his drunken stupors.   His name was Willy and my grandmother wanted to punch him in his nose on many occasions (but didn’t).  Anyway, my grandmother – my mother’s mother – was pretty unique too, it seems.  She was (before getting married and raising children) a big-board operator for New York Telephone in the early 1900’s (1907 ish).  She was one of those girls on skates that you see.

The stock I came from on the maternal side was pretty solid … though I cannot comment too much on my paternal side because of extenuating circumstances.  I really didn’t know my father’s family other than very casually.  Sad but true.